SumbandilaSat Oscar 67 (SO-67)

University of Stellenbosch

NASA-Catalog: 35870


145.880 MHz (FM voice Transponder and Parrot)

The CTCSS tone for the transponder is 233.6 Hz.


435.350 MHz (FM voice Transponder and Parrot)

Voice Beacon

435.300 MHz




The main payload a Multi-spectral imager which has a 6.25m Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) with 6 spectral bands and is supported by an on-board storage of 6 Gigabyte, with a redundant 18 Gigabyte spare.

Sumbandilasat is the first satellite in the SunSpace 2nd generation Small Satellite Technology Product Family. It is suitable for satellites from 80kg to more than 400kg for high performance earth observation, space science and LEO communication payloads. The 81kg SumbandilaSat will generate satellite imagery through its remote sensing camera at 6,25 meter ground sampling distance (GSD). This will form a further and vital component of the country’s ongoing earth observation activities.

Experimental payloads

The satellite also includes a number of experimental payloads including:
• SA AMSAT – 2m/70cm amateur radio transponder and digitalker. This payload will find not only use by the amateur radio fraternity but also has a large educational aspect of bringing space science into the class room.
• Architectural radiation experiment for commercial off the shelf devices (ARECOTS)
• A forced vibrating string experiment
• Very low frequency (VLF) radio experiment


SumbandilaSat was successfully launched at 16:55:09 UTC on September 17 , 2009

Das gesamte Cluster auf der Soyuz-2.1b: Meteor-M, ZA-002 SumbandilaSat, Sterkh, Tatiana 2, BLITS, UGATUSAT und der Block IRIS.

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