Beijing Caton Universal Technology Ltd.

Satellite Status NORAD Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign Reports Info IARU freq coord Telemetry Decoder
KAIDUN-1 ACTIVE 41915 437.600 1k2 BPSK AXNWPU-4 latest report details NO

Kaidun-1 (Caton-1), developed by the Beijing Caton Universal Technology Ltd., is a CubeSat-2U that will be used for ship traffic management and probably carrying an AIS ship-tracking receiver.


KAIDUN does not have a valid license. The transmission is therefore illegal.

KAIDUN RF spectrum 1k2 BPSK

KAIDUN audio

Soundmodem by UZ7HO Ver. 0.98b


The launch took place at 12:11:12 China Standard Time (CAST, 04:11:12 UTC) on Monday 9 January 2017. The KZ-1A rocket was launched from its transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle at the Kuaizhou launch pad of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre (JSLC) in northwest China. After 26 minutes of flight, the launch vehicle placed its primary payload, Jilin 1 Earth-observation satellite, and two secondary payloads, Xingyun 1 and Kaidun 1, into a highly-inclined 541 x 534 km orbit.

Source: Xinhua (c) www.news.cn