Ryman Sat Spaces General Incorporated Association

Satellite Status NORAD Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign Reports Info IARU freq coord Telemetry Decoder
RSP-00 DECAYED 43639?     145.890 CW, 1k2 AFSK,
RSP-00 latest report details YES  

RSP is mainly made up of businessmen who normally do not work in the field of space exploration. Professionals from various fields have come together to form this team. Many colleges with a strong interest in using their knowledge for society are contributing to this project as well. Although we still do not have enough knowledge for space exploration, by using knowledge from various fields, we will be able to approach space in a way no one has before. From the start RSP’s theme has been to “create satellites with ordinary people”. There are many people who agree with this idea. We will keep this in mind and continue to try to broaden the field of space exploration from new angles.

sending pre-stored text messages to earth
sending voice messages (Digitalker) or CW messages
conduct the experiment of highspeed transmission for image data by pi/4 QPSk ( 38k4) modulation G1D

The first @RymanSat cubesat RSP-00 reentered on Mar 14, 2021. At least I think so: the match with object 43639 is not totally confirmed. Meanwhile its successor RSP-01 was deployed from the ISS on the same day! So far as I know, RSP-00 was never heard.