University of Seoul

Satellite Status NORAD Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign Reports Info IARU freq coord Telemetry Decoder
SNUSAT-1B ACTIVE 42727 435.950 1k2 BPSK ON03KR latest report details YES

The primary mission of SNUSAT-1 is performing the QB50 mission, measuring lower thermosphere constituents at altitudes starting from 350 km and down as the orbit decays due to atmospheric drag. The secondary mission is validation of fault-detection, isolation and recovery algorithm developed by Seoul National Unit and imaging space environment.

from ON03KR to DS1STU (UI, payload: 12 byte)
000 > C0 00 88 A6 62 A6 A8 AA E0 9E 9C 60 66 96 A4 61 03 F0 13 0B 
020 > 42 1E 00 67 81 08 03 8F 00 8C C0