San Jose State UniversityTechEdSat

TechEdSat is a NASA Ames Research Center 1U CubeSat built by San Jose State University Students in partnership with ÅAC Microtec. It’s mission is to evaluate Space Plug-and-play Avionics (SPA) designed in Sweden by ÅAC Microtec, and to perform a communications experiment utilizing the Iridium and Orbcomm satellite phone network.

NASA-Catalog: 38854


437.465 MHz, 1k2 AFSK AX.25, FM




decayed on 05 May 2013



  • Stensat Radio Beacon
  • 4x nanoRTU (ÅAC Microtec)
  • Main Power Distribution Board (ÅAC Microtec)
  • RTU Lite (ÅAC Microtec)
  • 2 meter band Monopole Antenna
  • 70cm band Monopole Antenna
  • 1600 MHz Patch Antenna
  • Pumpkin, Inc. 1U Skeletonized CubeSat Structure
  • Canon BP-930 Lithium-ion battery

TechEdSat Beacon Format

Operating at TBD MHz FM, the TechEdSat beacon sends an AX.25 packet every 30 seconds. The packet contains data about the spacecraft systems operation. The data portion of a standard AX.25 packet is 64 characters long. The beacon packet contains only standard ASCII characters. Each character after the URL represents a HEX value. All characters are selected from the set 0 – 9 and A – F. Below is an example of the 64-character long raw data string:


Two packet formats will be sent alternately (0 seconds send packet 1, 30 seconds send packet 2, 60 seconds send packet 1, etc…) The packet number, 1 or 2, is included in the packet. The elapsed timer and solar array status appear in both packets.


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