The Michigan Exploration Laboratory

GRIFEX was launched, along with FIREBIRD-2, ExoCube and NASA’s SMAP, on Saturday, January 31 14:22 UTC on a Delta 2 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX) is a 3U CubeSat developed by MXL that will perform engineering assessment of a JPL-developed all digital in-pixel high frame rate Read-Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC). Its high throughput capacity will enable the proposed Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) mission concept to make hourly high spatial and spectral resolution measurements of rapidly changing atmospheric chemistry and pollution with the Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (PanFTS) instrument in development. GRIFEX is the fifth satellite developed by the MXL research and student team.

NASA-Catalog: 40379


437.481 MHz, 9k6 FSK AX.25 FM





Orbital Parameter

NORAD                   40379
COSPAR designator       2015-003-D  
Inclination             99.118
RA of A. Node           248.231
Eccentricity            0.0159296
Argument of Perigee     125.747
Revs per day            15.07249968
Period                  1h 35m 32s (95.53 min)
Semi-major axis         6 923 km
Perigee x Apogee        434 x 655 km
BStar (drag term)       0.000198830 1/ER
Mean anomaly            235.869


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