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  • UHF/VHF half-duplex transceiver with 1200 bps downlink for communications with amateur radio operators
  • AX.25 amateur radio protocol for UHF/VHF communications
  • Microhard 900 MHz/2.4 GHz transceiver with > 9600 bps downlink capability for communications with 6m Stanford parabolic dish.
  • Onboard camera (schedule permitting)
  • Magnetic field and radiation sensors (schedule permitting)
  • Solar cells for power generation (> 1W average)
  • Digital and analog communications modes
  • Full health and status measurements of temperatures, voltages and currents
  • Passive magnetic attitude control
  • Deployable antennas
  • 1950 mAH Li-Ion battery storage with active battery heating available
  • On-orbit executable code upload (schedule permitting)
  • Storage of mission data (pictures, audio) on industrial MMC card
  • tracking via ephemeris (NORAD) data



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