Ayecka SR1

AYECKA’s entry-level SR1 IP-over-DVB-S2 receiver delivers high speed IP connectivity over satellite links for such applications as data casting, hybrid network infrastructure implementation (terrestrial return channel) and more.

The receiver incorporates our HPP (Hardware Packet Processing) engine for seamless wire-speed delivery at a bandwidth of up to 150Mbps, with sustainable throughput and no PPS (Packet Per Second) limitation.

  • Cost-effective solution for IP over DVB-S2 transmission
  • Full support of DVB-S2
  • VCM and ACM
  • MODCOD: QPSK 1/4 to 32 APSK 9/10
  • 1Msps to 45Msps
  • Support MPE
  • Hardware Accelerator
  • L3

DVB-S2 Demodulator

Modulation QPSK, 8PSK,16APSK, 32APSK
Channel Rate up to 150Mbps
Roll-off Factors 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.35
Coding LDPC and BCH decoder as per DVB-S2 requirements
Code rates 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
Framing DVB-S2 framing
Input Freq 950-2150MHz
Symbol Rates 1Msps to 45Msps
LNB Power 14/18V, 22Khz, DiSEqC 2.0
Encapsulation MPE
Management SNMP & CLI
Maintenance Field Upgradable

Trennung vom Heimnetzwerk

Um den hohen Datenverkehr vom Heimnetz zu trennen, empfiehlt es sich unbedingt eine zweite Netzwerkkarte im PC einzubauen.

Im Netzwerk zwischem Ayecka und PC darf natürlich dann kein Default-Gateway konfiguriert werden.

Ayecka SR1 Setup

Default Management IP ist

telnet auf den Managementport


Netzwerk Konfiguration

1. Management IP Address
2. Management IP Mask
3. Management Ethernet Address CC-F6-7A-05-18-6F
4. Management IP Multicast On
5. Management DSCP 0
6. Management VLAN ID 0
7. Management Default Gateway
8. Management DHCP Client Off
9. Management Port State Enabled
A. LAN IP Address
B. LAN IP Mask
C. LAN Ethernet Address CC-F6-7A-05-18-6E
D. LAN IP Multicast On
E. Router IP Address
F. LAN DHCP Client Off
G. ARP Management
H. Air IP Address
I. Air Ethernet Address CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D
J. Isolate Networks Connected

RX Konfiguration

RX Status 1, Configuration 2
1. Tuner Status Locked
2. Demodulator Status Locked
3. Transport Status Locked
4. Demodulator Frequency Offset -2110 KHz
5. Demodulator Es/N0 9.6 dB
6. Signal Input Level -25.0 dBm
7. Demodulator BER 0.00 e-7
8. Bad Frame Count 0
9. Bad Packet Count 0
A. Demodulator Link Margin N/A
B. Modulation Order and Code Rate Dummy PLframe
C. Link Adaptation ACM
D. Pilots Off
E. Frame Type Short
F. Roll Off 20%
G. FPGA Loaded

Configuration Set 2
1. Tuner Frequency 1513.000 MHz
2. Tuner Acquisition Bandwidth 10.000 MHz
3. Standard DVB-S2
4. Coding Mode VCM
5. Symbol Rate Auto
6. MODCOD Auto
7. RollOff Auto
8. Pilot Auto
9. Spectral Inversion Auto
A. Gold Code 0
B. Frame Type Auto
C. Encapsulation MPEG-TS
D. ISI 1
E. Filters Table
F. LNB power 18V
G. LNB compensation Off
H. 22 KHz Off
I. Status Active
J. Profile Name EUMETCAST DVB-S2

RX Transport Filter Table
Slot. PID Ethernet Address Status IP Multicast
1. 100 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
2. 300 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
3. 301 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
4. 500 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
5. 511 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
6. 600 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Enabled Pass
7. 0 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Disabled Block
8. 0 CC-F6-7A-05-18-6D Disabled Block

Kontakt Europa

Space Band SLU
C/ Retamar #3
Fuente Del Fresno, 28708 ,
San Sebastian De Los Reyes,

mail: info@space-band.com
Tel.: +34 910 660 875

“We sell directly from our stock in Spain. The price of the SR1 (Telecom Grade) for amateur users is euro 470. (January 2020)”