Launch: 17.09.2009 Baikonour (Soyuz-2.1b)

UGATUSAT is a microsatellite developed by UGATU (Ufa State Aviation Technical University) on a budget of 115 million rubles. The 30 kg satellite features a earth observation camera with 50 m ground resolution. Goals of the mission are to provide experience to the students in operating a satellite, to develop a satellite control system and to provide earth observation to monitor water and forrest resources.

NASA Catalog: 35868


435.440 und 435.266 MHz CW und FM

sound ... FM data signal of RS-28 (complete block 60 sec)

Orbital Parameter

NORAD                  35868
COSPAR Bezeichnung     2009-049-D  
Inklination (Grad)     98.784
RAAN                   60.518
Excentrizität          0.0004985
ARGP                   96.521
Umläufe pro Tag        14.22093754
Periode                1h 41m 15s (101.25 Min)
Semi-major axis        7196 km
Perigäum x Apogäum     815 x 822 km
Bstar (drag Faktor)    0.000100000 1/ER
Mean Anomaly           263.649


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Microsatellite is intended for scientific and educational applications for USATU Ufa.


CW Telemetry

sound ... CW beacon of RS-28

rs28 ubs157 uaba159 uabb159 ibs5 iaba125 iabb125 ispa0 ispb125 taba129 
     tabb126 tsep131 mcon69 sma153 smb135 mra6 mrb30
rs28 ubs162 uaba173 uabb169 ibs4 iaba133 iabb134 ispa1 ispb133 taba129 
     tabb126 tsep131 mcon69 sma151 smb135 mra6 mrb30
rs28 ubs181 uaba181 uabb182 ibs4 iaba134 iabb134 ispa6 ispb134 taba129 
     tabb126 tsep131 mcon69 sma149 smb135 mra6 mrb30
27.09.2009, 19:00 UTC

rs28_audio audio signal of RS-28