Pakistan's Institute of Space Technology (IST) has initiated a space program aimed at designing, building, launching and succesfully oper- ating a standard CubeSat.

The program is led by Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) Depart- ment with support from Aeronautics & Astronautics as well as Materials Department. As a Space technology institute and research center, one of the objectives of IST is to design and develop miniature satellites for technology evaluation and in-orbit demonstration and to provide students with hands-on experience in space technologies, to meet the work force requirement for the national space program. Institute of Space Technology is the first academic institution of Pakistan to initiate the small satellite development program.


436.8475 MHz, CW (100mW)


437.490 MHz, FM, 1k2 AFSK AX.25 (600mW)


145.835 MHz, FM, 1k2 AFSK AX.25


Plans are for a launch in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

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