10 Sep


PROITERES 1 38756U 12047B 12253.83501871 -.00000054 00000-0 00000+0 0 90 2 38756 098.2926 319.3222 0011265 276.6998 083.2937 14.73657225 94 07:58 UTC proiteres s1 ec 78 8a 00 s2 00 00 00 00 proiteres s1 f7 78 8b 00 s2 00 00 00 00 proiteres s1 ec 82 7e 00 s2 00 00 00 00 proiteres […]

23 Aug

CP6 TLE swapped by NORAD

Colin, VK5HI: … the CP6 keplerian data being issued for CP6 is definitely incorrect. I have been using the Day227 element set for Hawksat for the last week. Have not encountered any wild frequency excursions. Today I downloaded element sets for Days 233 & 234 and compared them against Day227_Hawksat, with a “simulator” program I […]

27 Mar


Status of active Satellites on Amateur Radio Frequencies last update: Mar 27, 2017 Satellite Status NORAD Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign Reports Info Telemetry Decoder EO-88 (Nayif-1) ACTIVE tbd 435.045 – 435.015 145.960 – 145.990 145.940 LSB/USB 1k2 BPSK . latest report details Tancredo-1 INACTIVE tbd 437.200 1k2 AFSK digitalker PY0ETA latest report details . […]

25 Mar


As a service to the satellite operator community, the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) offers SOCRATES-Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space. This service provides regular information on pending conjunctions on orbit over the coming week. Twice each day, CSSI runs a list of all satellite payloads on orbit against a […]

25 Mar


Low Earth orbiting satellites experience orbital decay and have physical lifetimes determined almost entirely by their interaction with the atmosphere. The drag force that such a satellite experiences is due to its interaction with the few air molecules that are present at these altitudes. The density of the atmosphere at LEO heights is controlled by […]

25 Jun

SWAYAM Telemetry

Used Norad-ID 41607 SWAYAM STINNN SWAYAM STNNNN SWAYAM SNDNNN SWAYAM SNLNNN SWAYAM SNBNNN SWAYAM SNSNNN SWAYAM SNANNN OC accessible Normalpower mode Gyroscope active Satellite Not stable Temperature :1.1693443916663853# Battery Voltage > 4.00V RTC working LNA active HPA active RSSI = > -64 dBm

25 Mar

EO-79 transponder ACTIVE

2E0SQL is calling CQ Hi All, Today, 25th of March 2016, the EO-79 transponder has been turned on for a prolonged period. The FUNcube transponder subsystem on QB50p1 (EO-79) had been provided by AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NL and is a similar subsystem as on FUNcube-1, but without the telemetry downlink circuitry. The current software running on […]

14 Mar

Online Telemetry Forwarder

Dear friends, firstly many thanks for your long-term support in collecting online telemetry for UWE-3 and QB50p1 over the last months. The amount of incoming data is increasing very fast and so we (Jan, PE0SAT and me, DK3WN) decided to use a new – database based – approach. This software can run in the background […]