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CUTE1.7+APD-II Telemetry

06:18 UTC
cute 87ca9c643c2a268e543517
cute 87ca9d653c2b2788453c17
cute 86cb9b633c2b27995c3617
cute 86ca9a613c2b27a1553317
cute 87cb9c983c2b2885483817
cute 87cba0953c2b2775543f17
cute 86cb9e9e3c2b28753d3d17
cute 87cb9f993c2b28755b3b17
cute 87cb9e9b3c2b2879573d17
cute 86cba9913c2b277a5f3f17
cute 87cb9f9b3c2b2878594517
cute 88cb9f993c2b2877554117
cute 87cba0933c2b2879544117
cute 87cba2943c2b2875553a17
cute 87cba0953c2b28786a4317

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