INVADER decayed

39577	INVADER	2014-009F	JPN	2014-09-02 02:54:00	2014-09-02 0:00:00	decay_msg	
39577	INVADER	2014-009F	JPN	2014-09-02 01:24:00	2014-09-02 0:47:00	TIP_msg

Dear all,
Good morning from Tokyo!

ARTSAT1: INVADER (CO-77) decayed yesterday. It was only 186 days since launch. However, we are so glad that many hams listen and report it.
ARTSAT team is now concentrating the next project, ARTSAT2: DESPATCH as announced by JI1IZR last night.
We are continuously going to develop our concept and philosophy through the creation of artworks using the data from INVADER and launch of next deep-space amateur spacecrafts, DESPATCH. We would be grateful for your continued cooperation.

Thanks again and all the best,

Akihiro Kubota, ARTSAT Project

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