DNEPR TLE lottery – final stage

Thanks Nico, PA0DLO for pointing me in the rigth direction. I agree with you the TLE for the cubesats:

39436 2013-066W Eagle 2 ($50Sat) ok
39438 2013-066Y Velox PII ok
39439 2013-066Z First-MOVE ok
39440 2013-066AA CubeBug 2 ok
39444 2013-066AE AMSAT-OSCAR ok :-)
39445 2013-066AF HiNCube ?
39446 2013-066AG UWE 3 ok

Just made a deep analysis with the FunCube TLE (Object AE vs. AF). The pass was not very high but every seconds I switched between the TLE AE and AF.
The even seconds belongs to Object AE – the odd seconds to AF.
You can see a slightly difference (only a few Hz) at TCA which leads me to say – your’re right. FUNCube-1 seems indeed to be Object AE. Good job :-)


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