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… how to decode – Triton-1


145.815 MHz – USB – 1k2 BPSK

1 39427U 13066M   13326.98436826 -.00002391  00000-0 -39688-3 0    10
2 39427  97.7901  39.5474 0120424 185.3601 174.6374 14.64539763   201

it’s not the best match but it works

Use MixW32
Mode: Packet
Mode settings: PSK -> Modem -> VHF 1200 baud (satellite PSK)
enable TNC emulation (you need a virtual COM bridge driver e.g. VSP Manager or others)

you can download it here
configure the corresponding COM bridge port

every MixW decoded packet should be now visible in ONLINE_KISS and a KISS file should be generated


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