SpaceCube partial frame and telemetry decoded

again two packets partially decoded:

Packet: fm ?
Packet: fm ON05FR-0 to TLM-0 UI  pid=F0
!01000116@112............M....M.....L...&,...v&&...2.........```` b7...........

reconstruction of a “valid” frame:

see finally some valid telemetry:

HAVELSAT CW beacons and 9k6 burst

18:09 UTC
on02tr 06587f1002008585
on02tr 06577f1002008787
on02tr 06587f1002008888
on02tr 06587f1002008787
on02tr 065a7f1002008787
on02tr 06597f1002008a8a
on02tr 065.7f1002008b8b
on02tr 06577f1002008b8b
on02tr 06597f1002008d8d

9k6 FSK packet every 5 min – payload is also empty

2017-06-02 18:35:39.550 UTC: [20 Bytes KISS Frame (without CRC)]
ctrl: 3   PID: F0 {UI}   1 Payload Bytes
from ON02TR to TA2OJA: 
   1 > C0 00 A8 82 64 9E 94 82 60 9E 9C 60 64 A8 A4 E1 03 F0 00 C0 

Request for assistance to revive AU02 and AU03 QB50 Cubesats

There is definitely no signal in the UNSW-EC0 frequency range (436.525 MHz) – 85 deg elevation pass

I’m part of the AU02 (UNSW-EC0) and AU03 (i-INSPIRE 2) Australian team of QB50 cubesats, and I’m writing here to request for assistance from the experienced and well-equipped foreign HAM amateurs experts here.

Our satellite was deployed last week and we have been unable to hear any beacons coming from it. We had several brainstorm sessions to identify possible configurations that could be changed to optimise the occurrence antenna redeployment sequence. Based on this, we devised a set of commands that reflect these changes in configurations that needs to be uplinked to the satellite. We have attempted to uplink these commands at 50W transmit power, but there’s no response so far.

We strongly believe the satellite is still alive but has an undeployed antenna. As such, we require sufficient transmit gain in both transmit power and antenna gain to achieve positive uplink margin. Our problem is that we do not have the equipment to achieve the required transmit power to overcome the losses due to an unstowed configuration.

We have a recorded *.wav file that you can play through radio in FM mode to perform the uplink.

Relevant technical info:

– The sat uses Nanocom ANT430 antenna that is still stowed. The stowed antenna is exposed on the outside of the spacecraft.
– The sat uses Nanocom U482C transceiver.
– The OBC might be trickling between on and off states and hence a daytime or dusk zenith pass is optimal for the uplink.

Our ground station:

– 21 el H and 21el V yagi configured in RHCP
– Kenwood TS-2000 in FM mode with 50W transmit power.

Hope you have a good weekend, and do not hesitate to contact me at if you would be willing to help. Your attention has been much appreciated..

Joon Wayn