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AAUSat-4, telemetry.

GOMX-1, telemetry.

Thank You!

To all Online Telemetry Forwarder Supporters, thank you. Again passed a milestone – 4.000.000 frames received and decoded #cubesats #amsat

Nayif-1 telemetry

ITF-2 CW beacons

15:49 UTC
s2 34077c7a

17:23 UTC
s2 34077c7a jq1ztk yui2 itf2 comsys aaaaa s1 51bbf20b

18:56 UTC
s1 2fbaf20a s2 35077c7a jq1ztk yui2 itf2 comsys aaaaa s1 50b4f20b s2 3f077c79

Lilacsat-2 OBC-B realtime telemetry

GOMX-1 telemetry

siblings: AAUSAT-4 and AAUSAT-2

MinXSS-1 telemetry

FOX-1A telemetry