COMPASS-1 reports

2012-03-02 Compass 8 deg pass at 2305 UTC. All threshold commands accepted just before LOS but no beacon. ZL2BX

00:22 – 00:34 UTC Nothing Heard over Japan JA6PL
No signals heard during the 0040UTC pass. Listened intently for weak signals, but nothing. VK5HI
The 07:53Z – 08:06 UTC pass over Hawaii was quiet. NH7WN
Well Compass is still not quite dead. Just after it entered eclipse last night (1050 ut) I sent the threshold commands and Compass responded to them all. ZL2BX
14:52 UTC Commands sent throughout the entire 78 degree pass. No responses heard, no beacons heard. W1ICW
Forever the optimist, I listened for Compass-1 during the 2320utc pass this morning, but no signals. VK5HI

COMPASS-1 – End of Mission

Dear supporters and friends of our COMPASS-1 mission,

first, let me thank you very much for your support in trying to save the life of our COMPASS-1 satellite during the last days, but also during the last years of “routine” operations. It seems that our mission now comes to an end. The projected lifetime of COMPASS-1 was half a year. The tiny guy has outperformed this value by a factor of more than seven. April 28th would have been it’s 4th birthday and if it was a human, it would now be about 500 years old (Cubesat-years are short). So, if you have more important things to do (and I guess so), we can not expect you to continue your efforts in saving its live. With your support, you have made things possible that we would never have been able to achieve with our own resources and I appreciate your support very much. So, COMPASS-1, rest in peace. (Nevertheless, if you still want to try to awake it from the dead, feel free to do so.)

I hope that we will soon be able to build and launch COMPASS-2 and that you will be still available, all over the world, as a ground station to command and fly our new bird. We will keep you informed.

Cheers and thanks for all,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Prof. Dr. Bernd Dachwald
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering FH Aachen
University of Applied Sciences

FO-29 CW beacon

13:00 UTC
hihi 200288d500770000096001017d619291f180f7f5f7f6f2
hihi 20c288d500770000096001017c609191e086f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010177429593f186f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 200288d5007700000960010181409391f183f7f5eif7f2
hihi 200288d500770000096001017d609291f179f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010177609291f16af7f5f7f7f2
hihi 200288d500770000096001017a449492e069f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010178609290f088f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 20c288d500770000096001016d609290f192f7f5f7f7f2
hihi 200288d5007700000960010178609290f16bf7f5f7f7f2
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010179609290f187f7f5f6f7f3
hihi 20c288d500770000096001017a609290f175f7f5f7f7f3
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010181609291f1e1f7f5f7f7f3
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010181609290f177f7f5f5f6f3
hihi 20c288d500770000096001017d609290f192f7f5f6f6f3
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010186609290f07ff7f5f6f6f3
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010186609291f169f7f4f6f6f3
hihi 20c288d500770000096001017e609391f18af7f4f6f6f3
hihi 20c288d5007700000960010183609391f168f6f4f6f6f3


20120303062647,FAST2>BEACON,qAR,9W2CEH-3:F21001660 74123.4523859233472 41-0.2353+0.0000+0.0000 -4235638.46 -1120021.46 -9890622.73-235242283286 010 013 010 015 027
20120303092948,FAST2>BEACON,qAU,OE5DXL-10:F21001660 74123.4523859233472 41-0.2353+0.0000+0.0000 -4235638.46 -1120021.46 -9890622.73-235235283286 007 013 013 018 023
20120303124745,FAST2>BEACON,CT2HKY,HKYNET,qAS,CT2HKY,PORTUGAL:F21001660 74123.4523859233472 41-0.2353+0.0000+0.0000 -4235638.46 -1120021.46 -9890622.73-235234283286 007 016 009 018 024