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UO-11 still active – decoded from audio stream

19:35 UTC this is the signal of UO-11 over New Zealand
streamed via webradio by Alan, ZL2BX – decoded in Germany 🙂

MixW screenshot

experiments with satellite audio streams

I did some interesting experiments today and tried to decode the Web Radio audio streams of DELFI-C3 and AO-27 [ 56 kbit/s].

Decoding with the RASCAL software works without any problems

to everyone’s surprise – also the decoding of the 1k2 AFSK AO-27 telemetry signal works with MixW 🙂

NOAA-15 image received via Web Radio

04:52 UTC southbound 75W (Channel 3+4)

Because I always wanted to… I streamed this morning the audio signal of NOAA-15 via my Web Radio and received the signal 6 seconds later via internet.
I’m surprised about the qualityof a 56 kbit/s webstream. I think the quality serves our purpose. see my webradio here.

IR image received via Web Radio

HO-68 audio stream

Gentlemen Mike DK3WN and Henks PA3GUO Thanks you very much Very very enjoyable to listen to the (HO-68) satellite after LOS. I heard myself with a delay of 5 or 6 seconds .If more stations from deferent location streaming the same Satellite we could follow the sat through the globe.This is a very practical teaching method to exchange the technique and skill among satellite fan community.

 Thanks again gentlemen

 73 de Nader

HO-68 FM live audiostream

Also today (Oct 7) the HO-68 FM live audio stream will be running all day:

You will hear noise when the satellite is not overhead my station (JO21RJ, Netherlands, Europe).
Last night there was quite some (very disciplined) activity with many countries present.
Henk, PA3GUO

Hi Henk,
… really nice!
I could hear the QSO’s on HO-68 at the 1253 UTC pass during my work far from home …
It was really fun to listen to KB1QYS, KB1RVT, F0EUA, PA1TNO and VE3JW.
What a discipline – short and efficient QSO’s. That’s the way 🙂
73, Mike