UWE-3 News: Celebrating 4 years of operation in space

On 21st of November 2017 UWE-3 celebrated 4 years in space and is still running without any significant failures. The daily received UWE-3 beacons report its good health condition, including the nominal status of the batteries.

UWE-3 in cleanroom shortly before launch 2013.

During these last four years we received an outstanding support from the Radio Amateur Community from all over the world, which is highly appreciated. We would like to express our special thanks to: DK3WN, Rainer, PE0SAT, SP7THR, EU1XX, JA1GDE, JA6PL, G7GQW, ON4HF, LU4EOU, DL8MCO, JA5BLZ, CU2JX, R4UAB, VK5HI, JA0CAW, IW0HLG, JO1PTD, YC3BVG, DB1VQ, JA6DHC, ZL4JL, VK2FAK, JE9PEL, JH4XSY, JF1EUY, N2ACQ, PY4ZBZ, CX8AF, DG4YDF, LU7DRR, PD0OXW, PA2EON, IK8OZV, ES5EC, K4KDR, ZR1ADC, JE1CVL, EA7ADI, EA1JM, PY2SDR, VE7CEW, PA3GUO, ES5TO, SM0TGU, EA4SG, DL1MX, W6YRA.

Yours sincerely,
UWE-3 Team.

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