Issues with INSPIRE-2 / AU03 beacon reception & downlink

Dear colleagues,

about 2 months ago you and others were instrumental in first detecting the beacons for the INSPIRE-2 / AU03 cubesat. After a period when it seemed as though we regularly received the beacons and were making progress establishing downlinks, we have entered a period during which we cannot often receive the beacons and have almost no downlink capability. For instance, during today’s ~ 1120 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) pass, which lasted 10 minutes, we received no beacons but did receive 2 replies when we pinged the spacecraft. INSPIRE-2 seems to have these periods when it behaves nicely and others when it doesn’t, which we need to understand and then hopefully fix so that it is always “good”.

I wonder whether you could help us by detecting the spacecraft’s beacon signals, when convenient for you, and uploading them to the PE0SAT site. This would be very helpful to us since we need more spacecraft health data as a function of time to see what is happening.
(We have a capability to download the beacons from PE0SAT and then process them.)

Please let me / us know if you can help and feel free to send this email on to other members of the community.

With thanks and best wishes,


(Iver Cairns, Leader, INSPIRE-2 / AU03 team).