first Earth picture from Athenoxat-1

Dear All,
thank you very much for your efforts and help tracking Athenoxat-1 !
Besides finding out the correct TLE in the past 2 days we have been testing almost all the satellite subsystems and we already got some nice pictures.
The one attached is taken from one of the side cameras with a Fish Eye lens, point of view about over the Philippines looking in the direction of Borneo.
At the moment we are only downloading via UHF so we have to compress the pictures, hopefully soon will be able to use the S-Band and get the full resolution.

ATX Starboard 181215 Ocean

Athenoxat-1 update

Athenoxat was heard in Brazil and India. The groundstation made contact during the first two passes.
The beacon configuration is very similar to POPSAT-HIP1.

The initial setting right after launch was Morse 25wpm. But after getting feedback that the Morse beacon seems too fast to decode, we have lowered it to 20wpm during our second pass. Seems the Morse gets easier to decode now.

So the setting now is alternate beacon of Morse and Data at every 1 minute. It’s better to listen in FM mode for both beacon types.
Morse beacon runs with 20wpm, alternate between battery voltage and PA temperature, in addition to ATX1.
Data beacon is in FM MSK 2400bps. Unfortunately it has the same problem to POPSAT-HIP1 that in order to decode, one needs TNC1 from Gomspace.