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RS-15 strong beacon

19:39 UTC


RS-15 strong carrier

06:20 UTC 29.35 MHz


RS-15 carrier (beacon)

11:00 UTC

29.35 MHz

RS-15 CW beacon active

08:12 UTC very short beeps from RS-15 this morning

RS-15 Beacon active


RS-15 beacon active on 29.349 MHz

08:54 UTC 80 deg pass

16 min without doppler correction

RS-15 beacon active

19:45 UTC beacon activ in sunlight (short beacon interval)

RS-15 very weak signal

18:05 UTC very weak beacon signal
18:14 UTC bake is increasingly slow and dumb at the beginning of the eclipse -> beacon speed is a function of temperature
18:15 UTC eclipse starts

RS-15 active but weak

10:30 UTC 80 deg elevation pass weak signals

RS-15 beacon heard after a long time

RS-15 beacon length

10:20 UTC strong beacon signal from RS-15

audio spectrum

beacon length in milliseconds