9 Jan

Shin-En2 becomes FUJI-OSCAR-82

Friday, January 9th, 2015 by

William A. (Bill) Tynan, W3XO, OSCAR Number Administrator has conferred on Shin’en2 the designation Fuji OSCAR-82 or FO-82.

In reply to Seiji Fukushima’s, JH6RTO, request for an OSCAR number, Bill said, “I along with all in AMSAT-NA and the world’s Amateur Radio satellite community congratulate you and all involved with Fuji OSCAR-82 and trust that it will fulfill all of its mission objectives. FO-82 joins an illustrious line of Fuji spacecraft built and launched by Japan.”

9 Dec

Shin-en2 – 2.300.000km from Earth

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 by

Attached screenshot reception of Shin-en2 2014-12-08 21:30UTC. I believe 2.300.000km from Earth.


The first trace of the signal starts little above 437.379MHz at the 21.29.54 mark. Then the trace 441Hz higher. 4 Traces can be seen 441Hz spaced.
This correlated to the Shin-en2 signal.

Signals are extremely weak now. I could pick this up by making use of the 6db groundgain advantage when the satellite rises (or sets) and goes through my antenna groundgain lobs.

73 Rob PE1ITR

7 Dec

Shin-en2 from deep space distance 1.893.762km

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 by

We are nearly sure, that we are listening Shin-en2 from deep space distance 1.893.762km with crew: SP5ULN [Piotr], SP5MG [Piotr], SQ5RWU [Lukasz], SQ5KTM [Michal], SQ7GMO [Arek] and PIAP Team.


Shin’en2 carries a 0.1 W CW beacon on 437.505 MHz and telemetry on
437.385 MHz (0.8 W) using a mode similar to WSJT. It will also carry a F1D digital store-and-forward transponder with an uplink of 145.942 MHz and a downlink at 435.270 MHz (0.4 W), but not the Amateur Radio Mode J linear transponder announced earlier. The data format is posted on the Kagoshima University website.

A linear SSB/CW transponder had been part of the initial design, but, according to Hideo Kambayashi, JH3XCU, that had to be abandoned because of regulatory issues. The digital transponder will offer earthbound hams an opportunity to test the limits of their communication capabilities, however. The project also is hoping to gather listener reports.

5 Dec


Friday, December 5th, 2014 by


We are Polish Ham Group from Warsaw. We use 4,5m mesh dish shared from PIAP Company, ICOM-910H, SP-7000, Spectran, rotator, etc.

Now we are recieving Artsat at 719.826km far. I send You some photos from our listening.

Our group are: Piotr SP5ULN, Łukasz SQ5RWU, Piotr SP5MG, Michal SQ5KTM and PIAP Company team.

Best regards,
Michal Zawada



4 Dec

Reception report Shin-en2 – 21:00UTC – 00:00UTC

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 by

21:00UTC – 00:00UTC
Signals 5 ~6 db above noise. Signal very weak now. Slow QSB
73 Rob PE1ITR

First screenshot spacecraft 700.000km from earth

Second screenshot spacecraft 750.000km from earth

You see the qsb on the spacecraft. Around every 2 minutes a short signal.
Doppler 20Hz in 15 minutes – Distance 750.000km

3 Dec


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 by and

Predict Information Utility by JI1IZR

DESPATCH received by JO1PTD, 437.325MHz CW

DESPATCH CW-Beacon by JA0CAW – RCV FCD+sdr# Niigata WX rain, thunder, hail.

ShinEn2 received by JE0JDY, 437.3785MHz USB