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POPSAT-HIP1 beacon

Hello everyone,

Another month has passed (which made POPSAT now 9-month old and thus it’s time for another update.
Unfortunately POPSAT now can only be awake when there’s Sun illumination.
Our investigation seems to indicate a combined problem among the solar panels, battery charging capability, as well as the EPS itself.

Recently, we’ve been enabling the Morse beacon just when we have our contacts in the morning. But then the beacon will be off at the next eclipse.
So it can be heard in limited time and regions, which are South East Asia, China, Siberia, and India.

And attached is the updated battery voltage until today.

Thank you & 73,
Yesie 9V1SQ


POPSAT-HIP1 update

Dear everyone,

We’d like to update the situation for POPSAT. We’re sorry that we can’t yet enable the Morse beacon, since the recent power budget doesn’t seem to allow, but we still have daily contact with POPSAT.

Attached is the battery voltage profile until today. As can be seen, the voltage fluctuates, there was a hopeful moment that the voltage might go up further, but apparently the combination between degraded solar panels and battery prevent the easy charging. Other than this, the subsystems are doing fine, we can still maintain our telemetry and telecommand.
We’re exploring ways to keep POPSAT alive and perhaps to have the beacon in limited region. We’ll update again then.

Thank you & Regards,
Yesie 9V1SQ



19:54 UTC popsat 7.13v
20:00 UTC popsat 7.11v

21:29 UTC popsat 7.11v
21:35 UTC popsat 7.11v

POPSAT- HIP1 CW beacon

08:18 UTC popsat 7.25v
08:24 UTC popsat 7.27v

POPSAT-HIP1 update

Dear everyone,

For the past week and likely this week too, POPSAT has been quiet.
We have been observing that the power input is getting weaker, therefore it has been put in the low power mode (which means beacon off as well).
We are trying to hopefully be able to bring it back to full battery voltage.
The info we get from our morning pass today is the battery voltage is at 7.46V.

If possible, we’d like to switch on the beacon again early next week.

Thank you & Regards,
Yesie 9V1SQ


09:00 UTC no CW beacon heard


07:33 UTC popsat 7.54v
07:36 UTC popsat 7.53v

09:08 UTC popsat 7.53v
09:11 UTC popsat 7.55v

19:11 UTC popsat 7.50v

20:44 UTC popsat 7.50v
20:47 UTC popsat 7.49v
20:50 UTC popsat 7.48v
20:53 UTC popsat 7.48v


18:58 UTC popsat 7.42v

20:31 UTC popsat 7.44v
20:34 UTC popsat 7.44v
20:37 UTC popsat 7.43v

22:13 UTC popsat 7.44v


08:59 UTC popsat 7.45v

10:33 UTC popsat 7.47v
10:35 UTC popsat 7.46v

POPSAT-HIP1 CW beacons

07:20 UTC popsat 7.47v
07:23 UTC popsat 7.49v