ITF-2 Operation Announcement: F2D Telemetry Downlink


We’ll announce about ITF-2 operation.
F2D telemetry test which was announced 5/4(UTC), has been done. So, we will plan F2D telemetry downlink around the world in several days as below.

Content: F2D telemetry downlink
Date: May. 8th, 17:30 ~ May. 14th, 24:00(UTC)

In the period of this test, F2D telemetry can be received in the passes which is in the period of system A. It is now difficult to predict which communication system is switched, A or B, due to the problem of some data missing in ITF-2 memory. So, the plan may be changed. Please note this.

Reception reports can be submitted at:

Looking forward to your reception reports!!

Atsushi Yasuda, JI1OEH
University of Tsukuba Satellite project

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