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CP-8 (IPEX) Telemetry

IPEX Telemetry 17-02-2014 18:15 UTC


IPEX (CP-8) Telemetry

IPEX (CP-8) Telemetry 25-01-2014 15:33 UTC


IPEX (CP-8) Telemetry

IPEX (CP-8) Telemetry 24-01-2014 16:35 UTC


CP-8 IPEX Telemetry

CP-8 IPEX Telemetry 19-01-2014 15:25 UTC

A 5 minute SDR IQ recording can be found at this location together with some kiss files. The files will be available around 16:00 UTC.

The signals received are strong and easy to decode. The mix between FM and CW is a bit strange. I’ll have a look offline with the help of the IQ file to see what is being transmitted during the CW.

IPEX CP-8 Telemetry

IPEX CP-8 Telemetry 19-01-2014 12:16 UTC

An IP multicast packet, wonder what this is doing 😉