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AIST-1 and AIST-2 send New Year messages

AIST-1 (RS-41) and AIST-2 (RS-43) will broadcast New Year messages till 15 Jan on 435.215 MHz

times are Kaliningrad Standard time UTC +3 hours


RS-41 (AIST-1) data transmission

12:25 UTC in the range of the command station in Samara, Russia
Phasemodulation Manchester coded 4800 kbit/s (FM) 1136 bytes frame length

AIST-1 (RS-41) CW beacon

15:25 UTC 435.2646 MHz CW

                                txtb156 tcon150 tab147 tmag148 tnap155 tkpt155 mstr0 tcon69 sma56 smb57 mrxa2 mrxb6
rs41 ubs224 ibs6 isun22 ttxa153 ttxb156 tcon151 tab148 tmag148 tnap155 tkpt155 mstr0 mcon69 sma55 smb55 mrxa2 mrxb6
rs41 ubs224 ibs6