PSAT telemetry – digi ON

* please use the APRS digipeater only in sunlight *

20171121153756,PSAT>APRSON,ARISS,qAR,DK3WN-1::BLN0USA :PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
20171121154014,PSAT>APRSON,ARISS,qAR,DK3WN-1::BLN0USA :PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
20171121154309,PSAT>APRSON,ARISS,qAR,DK3WN-1::BLN0USA :PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
20171121154447,PSAT>APRSON,ARISS,qAR,DK3WN-1::BLN2USA :See APRS.FI & 144.39 users

UWE-3 News: Celebrating 4 years of operation in space

On 21st of November 2017 UWE-3 celebrated 4 years in space and is still running without any significant failures. The daily received UWE-3 beacons report its good health condition, including the nominal status of the batteries.

UWE-3 in cleanroom shortly before launch 2013.

During these last four years we received an outstanding support from the Radio Amateur Community from all over the world, which is highly appreciated. We would like to express our special thanks to: DK3WN, Rainer, PE0SAT, SP7THR, EU1XX, JA1GDE, JA6PL, G7GQW, ON4HF, LU4EOU, DL8MCO, JA5BLZ, CU2JX, R4UAB, VK5HI, JA0CAW, IW0HLG, JO1PTD, YC3BVG, DB1VQ, JA6DHC, ZL4JL, VK2FAK, JE9PEL, JH4XSY, JF1EUY, N2ACQ, PY4ZBZ, CX8AF, DG4YDF, LU7DRR, PD0OXW, PA2EON, IK8OZV, ES5EC, K4KDR, ZR1ADC, JE1CVL, EA7ADI, EA1JM, PY2SDR, VE7CEW, PA3GUO, ES5TO, SM0TGU, EA4SG, DL1MX, W6YRA.

Yours sincerely,
UWE-3 Team.

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Happy Birthday FUNCube-1

Today, November 21st 2017, marks the fourth birthday for FUNcube-1 in orbit.

FUNcube-1 was launched at 07:10 UTC on November 21st 2013 and its first signals were received immediately after deployment over the Indian Ocean by amateurs in South Africa. Since then it has been operating continuously in either its education mode or, with the transponder active, in amateur mode when in eclipse and at weekends.
The spacecraft has spent the four years in space orbiting the earth at between 640 and 580 km and has now travelled around the earth more than 20,000 times. That represents a distance travelled of approaching 500 million miles.
Up to now, each of the orbits has been spilt approximately 65% in sunlight and 35% in eclipse. This has resulted in the temperatures inside the small spacecraft varying by about 25°C during each orbit.

During the recent AMSAT Colloquium, Wouter, PA3WEG, during his presentation about the FUNcube project mentioned that the power available from the solar panels has been slowly increasing since launch. This observation led the team to do some further investigations as to the cause.
Although the launch was into a nominally Sun Synchronous orbit, over time this has drifted and the spacecraft is now entering a period when it will be in the sun for longer periods during each orbit.
The exact details are still being determined, but it seems likely that, starting from January 2018, there will be periods when the spacecraft will be in the sun for all, or almost all, of its orbits. Of course, this means that the on-board temperatures will be much higher than we have previously experienced in flight, although we have some test records from pre-flight thermal air testing that were undertaken after integration.
The key will be to discover what the equilibrium temperature will be internally. For comparison, AO85 has already “enjoyed” periods of full sun and its internal temperatures have reached up to around 55°C.

So the next few months will be quite an exciting time for the team! We remain extremely grateful to everyone is using the spacecraft for both its educational and amateur missions. Of course we are also very very grateful to those who are downloading the telemetry and uploading the data to the Data Warehouse. It continues to provide a unique record of “life on board” a 1U CubeSat in space.

Graham, G3VZV

EcAMSat telemetry and QSL card

03:26:21 UTC 06DD22000004011E3902A2020100CE006F0610E1357D42E462
03:26:26 UTC 06DD22000004011E3902A2020200CE006F061C0639B3462050
03:26:36 UTC 42DD22000002011E3902A2020300CE006F0634013FBC4D205E
03:26:41 UTC 42DD220200A500010000A7010800CE006F0605803E5648CE56
03:26:51 UTC 42DD220000A400010000A7010800CE006F061D000000000000
03:26:56 UTC 42DD220300A300010000A7010800CE006F0629843D05471F66
03:27:01 UTC 42DD220000A300010000A7010800CE006F06350038384C5356
03:27:06 UTC 42DD220000E6000F5B00A201C400CE006F0606403EA443465F
03:27:11 UTC 42DD220000E5000F5A00A301C400CE006F0612DD3BC24AD94B
03:27:16 UTC 42DD220000FC001F38029E020300CE00610600013FD540C642
03:27:21 UTC 42DD220000FB001F38029E020300CE0061060CBD3A5943DA55
03:27:26 UTC 42DD220000FA001F38029E020100CE006106185335D94B7360
03:27:31 UTC 42DD220000F9001F38029E020200CE006106249C380940B84F
03:27:51 UTC 7EDD22010099000100000B000800CE00690619D336EF43674A
03:27:56 UTC 7EDD220700980001000006000800CE00690625C231C24A1E4B
03:28:01 UTC 7EDD220000980001000005000800CE006906314036C145015D
03:28:06 UTC 7EDD220000DD000F0000A201C400CE006906022F3B0547B349
03:28:11 UTC 7EDD220100DC000F5A00A201C400CE0069060ECC3CC642CE56
03:28:16 UTC 7EDD220000DA000F5A00A201C400CE0069061AE933C03EEA4E
03:28:26 UTC 7EDD220000D8000F5A00A301C400CE00690632C82E7A675356
03:28:31 UTC 7EDD220000D60001A70135020000CE00690603C03E01488563
03:28:46 UTC BADD220000D40001A70135020000CE00690627DE392050CE56
03:28:51 UTC BADD220000D40001A70135020000CE00690633BD3A0547465F
03:28:56 UTC CCDD220000D4000F5A00A201C400CF006F061EDE39C642B25E
03:29:11 UTC CCDD220000CF0001350035020000CF006F0607A443BC4DAD13

1 43019U 98067NG  17324.94322287 -.00000489  00000-0  00000+0 0  9992
2 43019  51.6511 336.8647 0007712 109.5613 323.9741 15.54773982 86124
1 43020U 98067NH  17324.94413744 -.00000483  00000-0  00000+0 0  9997
2 43020  51.6379 336.8583 0003188 116.2909 321.8637 15.54713995    38
1 43021U 98067NJ  17324.94333593 -.00000483  00000-0  00000+0 0  9991
2 43021  51.6409 336.8748 0002687 100.3633 332.9451 15.54688659    43

TLEs for the recent NanoRacks deployments from the ISS (20 Nov)

ECAMSAT        20 Nov 2017 08:05:00 UTC
ASTERIA        20 Nov 2017 12:25:01 UTC
DEILLINGER     20 Nov 2017 17:02:02 UTC

TECHEDSAT-6    21 Nov 2017 08:25:00 UTC
OSIRIS-3U      21 Nov 2017 11:40:00 UTC